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Ultimate Quadcopter FPV Adventures series first Video.

Baby Widow Maker Quad Night FPV with Commentary

Maik & Babis


Boeing PT13 Stearman


HIstoric Flight Foundation B-25D Mitchel

Photo by: Ben T
A RC car is controlled by a IOIO board, plugged to an Android phone that receives motor commands from a computer over Wi-Fi or 3G (Wi-Fi in this video). The phone also sends the video and the values from the acceleration and orientation sensors back to the computer. The communication protocol between the phone and the computer is UDP.

The whole project was programmed in JAVA. The source code is available here:

First proven on Space Ship

The latest version of our flight showreel shows highlights from recent flight testing of Virgin Galactic's privately-built suborbital spaceship, SpaceshipTwo. The video also includes footage of rocket motor testing, our WhiteKnightTwo carrier plane, and our founder, Sir Richard Branson.
Based off the $10million X PRIZE winning SpaceShipOne, which successfully carried humans into space in 2004, the SpaceShipTwo system is currently undergoing testing in Mojave, California, USA, and will soon begin carrying astronauts into space from Spaceport America in New Mexico, USA.
The video includes footage from the first in-flight test of our 'feathering' system--a unique design, first proven on SpaceShipOne--which allows for safe and gentle re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere.
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YAK 55M 3D 2nd

GB Models YAK 55M 3D Flying_2
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YAK 55M 3D 1st

GB Models YAK 55M 3D Flying_1
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How to destroy a Sony NEX FS-100 camera

How to destroy a Sony NEX FS-100 camera in 53 seconds
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I was looking to hire an R/C Helicopter pilot for something I was shooting when I found this guy. He seemed legitimate - but I was a little concerned about letting him fly my Red Epic Camera - so instead He went and got a Sony FS-100 from Abel Cine in Burbank, CA. What you see here is the results of allowing this newbie pilot to fly an FS-100 on his supposedly $20,000 OktoCopter. The Insurance Company has the remains for now. Who knows what will happen. We recovered the SD card from the camera and that is what you see here. This was shot with the 18-200mm @18mm.

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Real Working Treadmill Scooter

Exertion Games Lab

Joggobot is a research project from the Exertion Games Lab that explores how joggers will enjoy jogging with flying robots as companions in order to make the exercise activity more engaging, drawing from computer game ideas.