How to destroy a Sony NEX FS-100 camera

How to destroy a Sony NEX FS-100 camera in 53 seconds
Upped by ItsNotFlare on Dec 14, 2011
I was looking to hire an R/C Helicopter pilot for something I was shooting when I found this guy. He seemed legitimate - but I was a little concerned about letting him fly my Red Epic Camera - so instead He went and got a Sony FS-100 from Abel Cine in Burbank, CA. What you see here is the results of allowing this newbie pilot to fly an FS-100 on his supposedly $20,000 OktoCopter. The Insurance Company has the remains for now. Who knows what will happen. We recovered the SD card from the camera and that is what you see here. This was shot with the 18-200mm @18mm.

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